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Your Life Runs Before You

Dream day by day and you will sleep with ease.


LA Art Brewery Walk

Anxiety Canvas hipcanvas

Museum Review

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2012

Place: Los Angeles Art Brewery Walk

I visited the Los Angeles Brewery Art Walk on Saturday, October 21, 2012 for the first time. I wasn’t aware that Los Angeles had the world’s largest art housing for artists and that they had art walks open to the public. Perhaps the city of Los Angeles is the capital of Art? It was an interesting one time experience to be able to interact with artists in the comfort of their own home. The diversity at the art walk was spectacular, the art works were distinctive and creative, and the majority of the artists were open to the public at times. Some artists allowed to touch and take photographs of their art work and were friendly.

I entered artist, Andre Miripolsky’s art studio, I was intrigued to see vibrant and lively colors, messages engraved, and non- realistic art in the majority of his art works.  Many of his canvases he worked with mixed media and integrated acrylics in his painting. Some of his paintings had a theme such as love, fear and anxiety in which he used a character and simple images to carry out his message to the audience. The value of dark’s and lights is balanced in his vivid paintings; the negative space is well used, shapes and patterns are continuous. The rhinestone used to create the Barbie are continuous and are also reflected in the background stage. Circular shapes are continuous as seen on the beads of the Barbie’s hair, the rhinestone on her body, and the background.

I approached Andre to greet him and asked a question about his Barbie on a canvas painting though he was sounded by others and so I heard them ask him,” What initiated or gave you the idea to do an acrylic painting of  the  American iconic Barbie doll?”  He simply explained that the Mattel Company was interested in his creative art and so contacted him to create a unique Barbie.

His vivid and fluorescent paintings are as the colorful art in Mexico seen on “El día de Los Muertos.”


Relay for Life North Hollywood-Studio City 2013

This year North Hollywood-Studio City Relay for Life held their fundraiser event, once again at Walter Reed Middle School on May 18-19th. The annual event was opened for 24 hrs; Re-layers’ set up their campsites/stations on Saturday morning, slept through the night in their tents, and woke up  Sunday morning; to jog laps around the track, clean, and close with a ceremony.

Volunteers, committee members, and supporters set up their campsites and stations at 6 a.m.. Tables, tents, and a stage surrounded the track. Each campsite was decorated, had creative activities and items that go to the fundraiser. The event was opened to the public, cancer survivors, and volunteers. Cancer survivors had VIP accommodations, prizes, and services such as; yoga, a medium, and food catering. Each team had, their own; relay theme, reason for participating, activities. Bands, dancers, and singers and committee members performed on stage. Committee members read creative poems for each month of the year in recognition of those who died from cancer. A video of those who are battling cancer and those lost to cancer was created in honor of them and their families. A luminaria was set around the track and a moment of silence was dedicated to those lost to cancer. Luminaria bags were decorated and sold, an electronic candle light was put in each before set around the track.


Relay Girl

The American Cancer Society hosts,” Relay for Life” annually in various locations, nationwide. Each community within each location has their own annual event in their community; the committee for “Relay for Life” organizes and creates, fundraising activities and events. Among each community Relay, teams sign up to raise their individual team goal and help the community Relay reach their annual fundraising goal; its always set higher than the previous year.  The committee keeps teams, volunteers, and the public involved, informed, updated, and on-track to; gather funds for cancer research and cancer patients for the American Cancer Society. Each community Relay event lasts a 24 hr period at a public facility where; teams put up campsites, a stage, and set up a track to relay. Each team picks their own theme for the Relay. Some teams create a super hero theme to Disney characters..etc.



A Little About Me

Hello. привет. ¡hola. olá. ciao. Nǐ hǎo. dorood salâm.

I am a freshman at Los Angeles Valley College, possibly majoring in Business Administration. My initial plan is to obtain a certificate in Business Administration and complete my general education requirements to secure an entry-level job (as my back-up plan). I will be able to determine if my major is business once I obtain my certificate, I will discard my other interests and focus on my major. For a minor, I aspire to get a certificate in Fine Arts to determine what art has to offer me. Business Administration became my interest when I was in Middle School, it was until my senior year of High School that I took the first step, in taking my first two college Business courses. In fine arts, particularly drawing and painting, I was drawn to during my childhood, though it was until my senior year of High School that I begun with a drawing class, and later into my first semester at LAVC, I started in acrylic painting.

(To be continued..)

Life gives many turns, points different directions, and grants us with surprises.There’s too much to expect, we have expectations for everything, and everyone including ourselves, we don’t allow ourselves sometime to take a breath and just appreciate the simplicity of nature and living organisms. There is time, each individual may make time for their aspirations,you just have to schedule your priorities accordingly. However, we allow ourselves little time for growth, instead our time is unwisely invested in insignificant matters that minimize our individual potential.

(To be continued)